Developing Your Money Life And Long Term Finances Through The Fallen Angels

If your financial situation feels good but not great, you might feel like things are falling out of control – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Even when we have good momentum with our money it can feel like things aren’t going well sometimes – and we have to recognize that feeling as just our emotions playing tricks on us.

It’s not that we don’t have a good grasp of what’s going on with our money – we just don’t feel like things are going well in general, and that can lead to horrifically unwise decisions later when we act on our emotions rather than the facts of the situation – which could be that we’re perfectly fine but don’t see it.

That is why we need some very strong spirit guidance so that we don’t get off track – it won’t be so difficult to welcome in a far stronger financial situation, and we won’t have to pull ourselves through excessive challenges in order to get there.

Building up your finances in a way that you can count on your money situation long term – relying on much wiser and more stable finances as you go along – that is how we should live.

We should never descend into past mistakes that we’ve made with our money – we need to get smarter and bring those resolutions from the past where we fixed our mistakes moving forward, and bunch of spirits can help us with that…

Lavel – Helps to develop your finances in a way that you are much wiser and smarter, making far fewer mistakes and embracing a money life full of abundance and greater cash flow long term.

This can be a crazy effective power to apply to your financial life – once you see that your money can be stretched and made to last far longer than you could ever imagine, life can get very interesting because you know your money can be made far more efficient than you ever considered.

We are not trying to make something impossible happen here – making your money last longer and making far wiser decisions is simply a matter of changing your mindset and thinking, and once that happens your money situation will never look the same.

Another spirit can help with financial growth in a way that most simply don’t think about…

Eshaliah – Brings you to understand your finances perfectly so that you make much smarter decisions with your budgeting and spending going forward; enables you to increase your cash flow in a way that you always have extra cash on hand and never spending your money needlessly going into the future.

Often we don’t realize how much of our money goes to unnecessary stuff we buy that we end up not needing and regretting – and that needs to stop.

When you tweak your budget in such a way that your crappy spending goes down and you keep more of your money – your finances will suddenly look a lot better, even if it feels you aren’t doing much to improve it – and that can be a startling moment when you realize what has happened to your money situation.

Sometimes we just aren’t that aware of the changes we have with our spending – because our budgets rarely stay the same over the months and years – but when we have shifts that we can make use of; we need to understand how to best move forward so that our money is maximized and we don’t get screwed in situations that might potentially confuse us.

One such spirit can help you understand monetary shifts in your life so that you are never behind or confused about what’s going on with your finances…

Nememiah – Enables you to see exactly what you need to do during confusing financial moments so that you are never behind with your money life; causes you to understand and foresee money related problems well before they happen so that you don’t have to worry about thing coming up unexpectedly going into the future.

What Is Reflective Learning And How To Manifest Money

Did you understand that through the laws of money and wealth there is more ways to create financial freedom in this world than ever before? Did you know that more individuals end up being millionaires quicker than ever before because they are aware of the laws of money and wealth?

Some try the most powerful prayer for money, others try beads and special waters, and some try prayer for financial breakthrough, or seek for a miracle prayer for money.

Why are so many people burdened down with financial stability and how to manifest money? Why are a lot of people experiencing an absence of financial success as they continue to say to themselves, “I want money?”

There are those successful others who have come to terms with the idea of reflective learning.

The reason is the power of reflection– which is a power of the universe that has no conflict, and is constantly signaling your true wealth, or, the laws of money and wealth.

It’s what some call the conflict-free law of attraction, and is what the majority of people do not know about reflective learning.

The Course in Miracles has taught me a great lesson in this spiritual metaphysical principle that states, “The memory of God comes to the quiet mind. It can not come from where there is conflict, for a mind at war against itself remembers not eternal gentleness.”

It is real whatever circumstance you may discover yourself in, because of the way things are working in this universe within you, not outside of you in your external world.

You might have drawn in financial obligations into your life on an unconscious level.

True nobody desires to have debt, or poverty issues, however the method we consider money mindful will bring us the coordinating results.

Here is how you can begin the habits of successful people, in the ideal instructions by drawing in more financial freedom into your life, by the universe’s laws of money and wealth.

It is not necessarily meaning getting more employment and work extra hours to have more cash, unless of course, you truly want those longer hours.

To attract more money into your life begins with the laws of money and wealth– a mix of habits of highly effective people in which you perceive and think of money.

You may believe that you never will be a rich individual no matter what, or you might think that abundant people should be doing something shady or inappropriate to get the kind of wealth they have.

Some people believe if they just have enough to pay their monthly obligation is satisfactory enough for them.

Whatever you think and believe about you are reflecting that into your world.

Numerous times we are not even conscious of the laws of money and wealth based on how we think about money. We might have heard expressions like for example: “The root of all evil is the desire of wealth, or this person is incredibly rich, or abundant people are crooks, and they take advantage of poorer people, and that we are not rich people,” and so on.

It is necessary therefore initially to let go of old preoccupations and change the method we are thinking about money in order to not be afraid to learn how to attract abundance into our life.

The Course in Miracles states, “Preoccupations with problems set up to be incapable of solution are favorite ego devices for impeding learning progress.”

Consider how money has assisted people after natural disasters to reconstruct their lives and homes.

How numerous individuals are assisted everyday due to the fact that of hospitals that are just possible due to the fact that there were donations and pledges to build them.

There are literally thousands of avenues to help individuals acquire financial stability that are of the laws of money and wealth, and how successful people grow.

Money Mistakes & Their Easy Fixes

Sometime during our lifetime we spend more than we planned, saved less than we should have or just made some horrible financial decisions. A few financial misfortunes here and there can add up to a lot of lost cash. Check out these common money mistakes and follow the advice to help put you on the path to a brighter financial future.

Money Mistake #1: No idea where your money is going.

What’s The fix? Making a budget is the best thing you can do to find out all the ways you are throwing away your money. At the end of the month you see you have spent $250 on fast food and $0 on paying down your high interest credit card then you need to make some spending adjustments.

Money Mistake #2: Not having an emergency fund.

What’s The Fix? Try and save a chunk of money in case something unexpected happens. It’s a good rule of thumb to have 3-6 months of expenses saved in case of an emergency. Set a goal and don’t stop saving until you hit your goal. If you’re not sure how much to save look at your monthly budget and figure out where you can cut to start saving for a rainy day.

Money Mistake #3: Waiting to save

What’s The Fix? Start saving NOW. Opening a retirement account in your 20s can potentially give you twice as much money as someone who starts one in there 30s.

My recommendation is to follow the Ten Cent Law. Take ten cents of every dollar you earn and put it in your savings account. It won’t be hard to Live on 90% of your income, and you’ll soon have a very nice nest egg.

Money Mistake #4: Using High-Interest Debt

What’s The Fix? If you are regularly overdrawing your checking account, using credit card advances or payday loans, you are essentially throwing your money away. Borrowing is OK, but those forms of debt are way to expensive. These forms of debt most always come when you have exhausted all other options.

Money Mistake #5: Paying off debts in the wrong order

Bigger balances on things like student loans and mortgages can seem overwhelming, but it’s the smaller credit card bills that can really hurt you.

What’s The Fix? Pay off the card whose balance is closest to its limit (having balances close to your limit lowers your credit score), and then start chipping away on the card with the highest interest rate. Also, refinance big-ticket balances (mortgage, etc.) to make payments a little more manageable.

Money Mistake #6: Spending money on items you could get for absolutely FREE

What’s The Fix? Did you know you can get music, books, magazines educational classes, book clubs, and even printing services at the local library? Just access their website and see what they have available. Also, get involved in a clothing swap, borrow from a friend instead of buying, and maybe talk a walk in the park or hike a national park instead of going to the mall. There are plenty of free options. You just need to find them.

Money Mistake #7: Buying NOW

If you MUST have things BEFORE you have money to cover them, you’ve fallen prey to the great American debt trap. Just look at interest charges – debt isn’t cheap.

What’s The Fix? Are you buying things before you have the money to pay for them? Remember, debt isn’t cheap. I believe in good things come to those who wait. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. If you can wait until later to buy that all important item and put money away to save for it, you won’t have to use high interest credit cards. That’s how you become debt free.

Money Mistake #8: Spending too much on housing

What’s The Fix? As we all know, it’s easy to spend way too much on housing. The rule of thumb is, you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on housing. If that doesn’t work for you, living with parents or roommates is a perfect strategy. And, when you decide to move out on your own make sure your mortgage or rent do not put your long-term financial goals in jeopardy.

Financial mishaps are certainly a part of life but it is easy to recognize your mistakes and learn from them. Make it your goal to stop making these common money mistakes. In the end, your piggy bank will thank you.

What Is The Purpose Of Money?

We use money every day. It is the grease between the gears that work society. Families are split over its use and misuse. We see people get it in great volume, and then waste it, not being happy that they ever received it.

We see people steal it, squander it, and then eventually reject it. It can be a motivation or a curse. Many believe it can give us what we dream of. But what is its real purpose? What is money ultimately for?

We have been told that the love for it can be the root of all evil. It has been described in terms of lust, desire, craving and so on. So there is obviously a bad side to this thing called money, or is there?

Was not evil described by Albert Einstein, when he was very young, as simply a lack of good? In others words, if we understood what money was really for, and used it for good, could it be then no evil? Could it be that if we routed out money’s misuse, then there would be no evil in its use?

So what is the purpose of money? The answer is this, and it is very very simple. Money exists to improve well-being and livingness, for the greater good of life.

That is it. And that is where money gets its power from. And when you see money not being used for this, you will find evil. You will find people doing things that are not for the benefit of life.

And by saying the purpose of money is for the greater good, we might also be saying that money is there to improve the life of one’s self, family, friends, his country and all life. That would include trees, birds, dogs, cattle, lions, insects, and all that we see as precious. If money is used to create a great monopoly, create a dynasty, but does not improve the greater good of all life and livingness, then that money is an aberrant commodity and will eventually be overthrown.

For our society to move forward, we need money, but we need it to follow its correct way.

Money is like a river. And water too is precious, but only so long as it is used in a way that does not drown and destroy us. So like water, money flows, and it must flow from one person to another so that it improves life. It can flow to employees, the capitalist, the taxman, and anyone, so long as it is following its natural course of helping life.

When you see money being used to destroy life, it is not being used properly. You can then expect the masters of that money to be bankrupted, jailed, overthrown, and maybe even killed. That is all through our history, revolutions and wars.

So, remember this the next time you get a chance to make and use money. Allow it to follow its natural course for the well-being of livingness for the greater good. You will then be able to enjoy its use, and the great benefits it will bring you.